Australia's first and only Buddhist School

 is now open in Siem Reap

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1- Top 45 Private School in NSW HSC 2022
2- Top 100 High School in NSW HSC 2022
3- 1st in region for 2019 National Assessment Program Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) school
4- 2nd in NSW for highest percentage of Year 12 graduates received a 95+ ATAR in 2022 HSC

A School Cultivating the Essence Of Dhamma Warriors

Inspired to share the treasures that helped our Founding Principal, Mr. Panha Pal, navigate through the complexities of life, he opened the first and only Buddhist school in Australia. Due to the success and fruits cultivated in our Australian school, Mr. Pal opened the first international school in Cambodia, in his mother country, to help guide the Khmer youth to the noble teachings that saved him.

"Pal International School recognizes that academic intelligence by itself is not enough. A human being must be guided by wisdom and morality so that their intelligence can benefit the world."

Mr. Panha Pal, Founding Principal