Leave a Bequest

Leave a legacy in your will and help nurture the wholesome moral young leaders of tomorrow. 

Thank you for considering bequeathing/giving to Pal International School. 

Gifts to Pal International School will touch our students and their families. A bequest is a gift specified in your Will that will contribute to the future of the School whilst still enjoying your assets during your lifetime. Your bequest will support students directly through improved facilities and educational opportunities. You will help support our students in their endeavours to achieve success in whichever path they seek to follow in the future. 

Gifts can be made in a variety of ways to reflect your wishes and circumstances, and may be gifts of defined personal assets (such as shares or property) a fixed sum or percentage of your estate. We encourage you to discuss your ideas and plans for your bequest with our Founding Principal Mr Pal, especially if you prefer to tailor your gift to a particular purpose.  By informing the School about your intended bequest, you assist the School’s long-term planning to support important future initiatives and additionally the School has the opportunity to thank you in your lifetime. 

All bequest correspondence with the School is confidential. 

How to make a bequest:

You can either include the bequest when you write or update your Will, or simply add one as a simple codicil (sample codicil form) to your existing Will. 

In either case, we recommend you seek professional advice from a qualified legal adviser to ensure your wishes are recorded in a legally binding manner.

It is also important to talk to your loved ones about your intentions and let them know that leaving a gift to Pal International School is important to you, this can help to ensure your final wishes are carried out.

Suggested bequest wording:

“I give and bequeath, free of all duties, taxes or deductions, to the Pal International School Australia presently of 7 Makara Road and Chocolate Road, Krong Siem Reap of [Insert description of gift – see below for examples] to be applied [select description purpose – see below for examples].

 I declare that the receipt of the Pal International School, Head of School will be sufficient discharge to my executors who will not be bound to see the application of this gift.”

 Examples of descriptions of gift:

  • All of my residuary estate 
  • ___ per cent of my residuary estate 
  • The sum of $__________ 
  • All my share and interest in the property situated at [property address] 
  • All my shares in publicly listed companies 
  • All my shares in [XYZ] Pty Limited 

Examples of descriptions of purpose 

  • For its general purposes 
  • In the provision of [faculty, e.g. music, art, science, sport] tuition, programmes, equipment and dedicated buildings 
  • The development, replacement or maintenance of the school buildings and grounds 

Once again, we thank you for your generous support of Pal International School and your assistance in making the School an exceptional educational facility and the School of choice for the wholesome future leaders of tomorrow.