Enrolment Process at Pal International School

At Pal International School Australia, we believe the success of a child is a holistic nurturement from their life teachers - the first and foremost teachers being their parents and secondly, their school teachers. 

This principle exists in the our unique teaching pedagogy, as established by our Founding Principal, Mr Panha Pal. In the home, parents have the duty to nurture qualities of responsibility, accountability, discipline and integrity; whilst schoolteachers have the duty to impart worldly and spiritual knowledge using wisdom, morality and diligence.

Parents as the first teachers

School as the second teachers

Therefore, we have an extensive and thorough selective criteria to ensure the most conducive school environment and community for your child to thrive mentally, physically and spiritually.

Enrolment Process

Step 1 - Application

  • Visit our school for an Enrolment Tour and we can assist with any other enrolment enquiries

  • Submit application form and all required documents to 012 39 71 71

    Enrolment Application Form
    Two of the most recent educational transcripts.
    Copy of the Family Book
    Copy of Birth Certificate or Passport
    Proof of residency
    Special learning requirements (if applicable)
    Medical information (if applicable)

  • Payment of application fee via ABA Payment

Step 2 - Entrance Exam

  • Book the date for student's entrance exams
  • Student to sit the entrance exams
  • Marking of entrance exams for Principal's review

Step 3 - Interview

  • Book the interview with the administration
  • Both parents and student must attend the interview

Step 4 - Results

  • The outcome of the acceptance is dependent on whether the family meets our selection criteria
  • Executives will inform you of your enrolment outcome

Step 5 - Acceptance

  • Parents will need to sign the Confirmation of Enrolment and comply to acceptance conditions
  • Parents must pay an enrolment deposit (First term of school fees)
  • Parents and student to undergo induction for technology, uniform, forms and educational resources.