Extra-curricular and Co-curricular Activities

We offer our students a wide range of extra- and co-curricular activities to help them develop skills that will lead them to success after school.

Extra-curricular and Co-curricular activities at Pal include:

The Right Speech - Public Speaking

Our students participate in a mandatory school-wide speech competition called the Right Speech. The Right Speech is a Pal International School public speaking competition that helps students nurture priceless personal characteristics through the exploration of worldly topics and the Buddha’s teachings. It helps students gain a greater understanding of the values of developing skills such as public speaking.

Students overcome their inner fear and worry by constantly practising their speeches, allowing them to understand themselves in a new light. Through their speeches, students develop incredible amounts of courage and confidence, two very important characteristics to have for their future success in the 21st century workforce.

Right Speech helps students develop confidence, courage, and a greater understanding of how the Dhamma relates to their lives. It is one of Pal International School's 'Training Grounds' that allow students to learn the Dhamma through experience and practise.

The Right Action -

Creative & Performing Arts

At Pal, every student has the opportunity to engage with the Creative and Performing Arts (CAPA) culture of the school. Students can participate in various performing arts events either by performing or by taking up supporting roles such as backstage crew.

CAPA opportunities include CAPA Committee, Choir, Stage Band, Art Clubs and the annual "Right Action" competition.

The Right Livelihood - Cooking Competition

Students participate in the school-wide cooking competition with parents as both facilitators and judges. By cooking their home cuisine, students gain a better understanding of their own culture and learn to appreciate the meaning behind cultural traditions.

For example, by making Nom Banh Chok, students learn about the origination and context of the dish in the Khmer empire. 
Furthermore, students develop a greater appreciation of the sacrifices parents make every day to help them grow.

Preparing the ingredients with their parents, students develop gratitude towards them by understanding their parents’ hard work in the daily preparation of food. Furthermore, this cooking competition prepares students for the future by allowing them to develop the life-skill of cooking.

The Right Effort - Sports at PALIS

PALIS has a commitment to ambitious goal setting and the students here aspire to be the best athletes they can be. The honour of representing the School in the sporting arena is passionately pursued by our students.

We encourage all students to discover their sporting passions and talents. Students participate in a wide variety of sports each week, both competitive and non-competitive. They are encouraged to attain the highest standards both in their performances on the field and their behaviour on and off the field.

Volunteering and Service Learning

In line with our core Buddhist principles, we encourage our students to follow the twin goals of leadership and selfless giving to the community. To this end, our students are encouraged to volunteer in a number of areas, social charitable and spiritual.

These activities help students develop their leadership and organisational talents, as well as teaching them to empathise with others less fortunate, and to appreciate their own blessings. It is integral that students learn the value of meeting the needs of others and the community by engaging in selfless acts.