Innovative Education

The 4D Learning Experience

Where learning is informative and transformative; where good practice and efficiency are integrated into a student’s life and habits; where our students can learn anytime, any place and with a peer, group or teacher support

We provide authentic and personalised learning experiences for your child through our innovative 4D Learning system.

Our teachers can monitor their students’ real time progress and provide students with instant feedback to clarify misunderstandings as soon as they arise. Through our 4D system, teachers can better understand the needs of their students and alter their lessons accordingly.

Exceptional Teaching

We employ highly skilled and innovative teachers who are passionate about lifelong learning. One of our strategic intents is to advance the performance of all our staff in a supportive and collaborative learning environment enabling them to flourish as professionals for the benefit of our students.

We are committed to supporting our teachers to continually strive to improve their teaching practice and content knowledge.

To achieve this aim, we have invested energy and capital into an innovative approach to weekly sessions of Professional Learning. We have fostered a transparent, collaborative and supportive culture where teacher observations, action research projects, and celebrating successes are integral to what we do as educators.


Teachers work in small teams using the ‘action research model’, meet regularly to plan strategic interventions, enhance their teaching practice and subject content knowledge, share ideas and resources, and support high quality teaching and learning for all students.

Lesson Observation

Classroom observation develops a culture of ongoing professional growth and collaboration that results in improved practice and student learning outcomes. Every Pal teacher has several lessons observed, as it is easily accessible through the cloud, and critiqued throughout the year. At the end of each year, there is an open session which allows staff to provide honest and constructive criticism to their peers.

Parent + Student + Teacher Perception Surveys

Parent and student feedback helps teachers understand their strengths and weaknesses and improve their teaching practice.

Accreditation Support 

Professional support for new teachers undertaking processes of accreditation and for experienced teachers undertaking higher levels of formal accreditation.

Parent Engagement 

Pal parents are integral members of our school community. When we work together, we can make a difference in each child’s educational outcomes. As Mr Pal has quoted, the first and foremost teacher in a child’s life is their parents and the secondary teachers is the school. Thus, to ensure the foundation of a child is strong and supported, the pillars of the parents and school need to work together with the same intention and purpose.

Educational Technology

Our use of educational technology reflects the school’s Open, Honest and Real culture.

We use digital notebooks to make student progress visible for both teachers and parents. The real-time nature of our 4D Learning system allows teachers to provide instant feedback to students and clear up misunderstandings as soon as they arise.

Similarly, parents can also understand their child’s daily activities through the Parent Portal, offering advice and encourage as needed. This system, which allows parents to monitor the child’s progress, encourages parent involvement in students’ learning, which is a huge factor in student success.

On the same note, teachers are also held accountable to student learning with easy access of both student progress and teacher instruction via synced class notebooks. The synced notebooks also allow students to work collaboratively, such as to create a class summary of a text, developing their digital competency which is vital in the digital world today.

Respect for Others and the Environment

Our students practise Right Action by behaving responsibly, that is, not engaging in any actions that is harmful to themselves or others.

A paperless school, Pal Buddhist School develops students’ awareness of environmental sustainability. By making the conscious effort to minimise unnecessary printing of learning resources, students learn that their choices, however small, affect the environment. Through their actions, students gains the ability to actively overcome their laziness, and gain wholesome pride when they see their contribution to the environment.

With this understanding, students develop as global citizens who can positively impact the society we live in today. Students develop their sense of respect for the environment by being mindful of the impact of their actions.

Effective Communication

Our students can communicate with teachers either through their school email or their class Microsoft Teams chat. Both channels allow for instant communication, which is essential in a fast-paced, digitalised world.

Small Class Sizes

The small class sizes allow our students to receive more individual attention from their teachers which aids their understanding of concepts taught in class. Having smaller class sizes also allow students to bond closer with one another, and this helps us foster their sense of belonging within the school community and develop their intercultural understanding of students from other cultures.

Our class size also allows us to create a psychologically safe learning environment where students are less likely to suffer discrimination.