Our Dhamma

Pal International School is a school that recognises the value of ancient tradition and timeless humanistic values. We believe in imparting academic knowledge and cultivating the whole individual through wisdom, morality and diligence. Our school incorporates the Dhamma (the Buddha's teachings) into everyday teaching to help students nurture moral behaviour, virtuous character and wisdom.

Our students not only develop intellectual understanding of these values, but they are also given the opportunity to verify the truths and grow the fruits from the teachings through their deeds (action and speech) on the various intentional training grounds established by our school. They engage actively in activities that challenge their capabilities, develop wholesome leadership qualities, and instil selflessness joy.
We are open, honest and real with our students. We allow them to fully understand the results of their actions, speech and intentions through our moral codes of conduct.  Our students are taught to be courageous in the face of hardship for the sake of learning, to accept risks for the sake of growth and learning, and to experience setbacks for the sake of developing resilience and tenacity. The fruits of our efforts are seen in the living examples of our students and graduates, who have a level of respect, discipline and selflessness that is rarely seen in other youth.

When students graduate from our school, they enter the world as wholesome leaders whose actions and words benefit themselves and the world around them.

How we incorporate the Buddha’s teachings to provide an enlightening education experience:

The Eightfold Noble Path acts as a guide for our students on their journey to achieving wisdom, morality and diligence. We help our students apply the Buddha’s teaching in their everyday lives to nurture moral and virtuous behaviour and good character:

Right View

We encourage our students to see the world as it is, and not what they believe or want it to be. This means we help students cultivate the right view that there are certain truths, such as the fact their speech and actions have consequences, and we nurture them to accept responsibility and avoid blaming others for their own choices. Furthermore, we help our students see precisely what it is that they want to achieve, and the steps they need to take to seek deeper understanding.

Right Thinking

We help our students reflect on their intentions once they have developed the right view. We encourage them to explore the reasons behind their goals and aspirations, and we urge them to cultivate intentions that are generous in nature and accompanied by good-will. In a similar sense, we help our students refrain from covetous and harmful intentions escorted by ill-will.

When our students can clearly articulate and appreciate their right intentions for wanting to achieve their goals, they are filled with greater determination and passion for the journey that follows.

Right Speech

Our students learn to understand the impacts of clear, truthful, uplifting and non-harmful communication. They are nurtured to use the right speech to the betterment of the people and world around them. Furthermore, we help students refrain from verbal misdeeds such as lying, divisive speech, harsh speech and other senseless speech that lead to negative result.

By cultivating speech that is truthful, meaningful, uniting, and spoken with good-will, we are able to help our students move closer to becoming wholesome compassionate leaders of tomorrow.

Right Action

Achieving the desired outcome requires taking the right actions. We show our students that the right actions must be guided by an ethical foundation based on the principle of non-exploitation of oneself and others.

This means we cultivate compassionate actions that alleviate the suffering of others, perform generous actions performed out of good-will and loving-kindness, and demonstrate chastity towards those protected by guardians and partners. Therefore, we must refrain from harming living beings, taking what is not given, and sexual misconduct.

Following the right actions along our path to success leads to greater consideration and respect for ourselves and the people we share our world with.

Right Livelihood

We help our students understand the way they live their life is a demonstration of their thinking, intentions, words and actions. By following the right livelihood, living the path of benevolence and refraining from harming others in their everyday lives, our students demonstrate they are true to their virtuous values and are capable of creating positive outcomes for themselves and the people around them.

Right Effort

We inspire our students to cultivate and maintain enthusiasm towards their noble pursuits, and we help them understand and overcome negative states of mind that may arise to impede their progress.

By focusing on the right intentions behind their pursuits and helping them understand the root cause of limiting beliefs, we help our students maintain their positive energy and overcome challenges they face along their journey.

Right Mindfulness

Mindfulness means being aware of one’s thoughts, feelings, actions and words at a given moment. We encourage our students to always be mindful of where they are along their unique journeys. This helps them appreciate the progress they have made, reflect on the outcomes of their previous choices, understand the challenges they faced and recognise what may await them in the future.

Right Mastery

Right mastery means uncluttering your mind to focus on achieving a single desired outcome. We help our students focus only on what is necessary for their further development and progress towards their goals.