Our School Leaders

Mr Panha Pal

Mr. Pal’s mission is to help young people build a future free from affliction, enmity, sensual addictions, pain and suffering. Mr. Pal’s believes that future can be created by wholesomely guiding students to enlightenment through the development of wisdom, upright moral conduct and diligence.

Mr. Pal’s strong commitment to following the Dhamma, the teachings of the enlightened Buddha, underpins his idealism and has created the atmosphere of compassion, selflessness and kindness that has formed the foundation of the school.

Ms Helen Lam

Ms. Helen Lam is one of the founders of Pal International School Australia. Inspired by Mr. Pal’s ideals and driven by the desire to change lives for the better, Ms. Lam devoted herself to education after graduating from Law School with a degree in Law and Commerce.

Ms. Lam is wholeheartedly dedicated to the School, its students and virtuous ideals. The growth and results of the school are testimonials of her dedication and work.

Mr Sovanna Chao

Mr Vantha Kuon

Mrs Sina Chhim
HEAD TEACHER (Khmer Curriculum)

Mr Pisith Angkea
HEAD TEACHER (Australian Curriculum)