About Pal Education

Pal Education was established in 1998, in response to a crying need for help amongthe children of the local, first-generation migrant population. It quickly became renowned as one of the top English Coaching centres in Sydney, with a proven record of dramatic improvement for students, and excellent results in public examinations.


Our Founding Principal. Mr Panha Pal, has devoted his life and his energies to improving educational opportunities for young people. Himself a survivor of the dark days of Cambodia, and of deprivation and a refugee camp. Mr Pal is all to aware of the pivotal role of education as the tool to rise above disaster and improve oneself and one’s circumstances. In 2013, he started Pal Buddhist School, the only such in Australia, with the aim to foster not only academic excellence, but also to maintain and nourish the ideals and teachings of the Buddha, and to ensure that the values taught at school are in line with those of the home, and that the Home culture is not lost.

We are now opening Pal Education in Cambodia, to help Cambodian students with English. As an additional bonus, they will have the opportunity to connect online with our students and teachers in Australia, to improve their conversational skills in English. Later, if they should wish for it, there will also be the opportunity for further study in Australia.

The new choice in an English Learning Centre for Primary to Adults.