Our School Philosophy


To create the most respected systematic western Buddhist School by nurturing Dhamma Warriors who light up the world. 


Our mission is to increase the world population of intelligent Dhamma Warriors for the benefit of mother nature and all sentient beings.

Our values

The school recognises that it is the moral equivalent of a hospital in its service to the community.

Whilst a doctor treats people against illnesses and thus nurture physically healthy people, a noble teacher wholesomely guides students to freedom from illnesses of the body as well as mental pains by administering preventative medicines in the form of wisdom, academic excellence and upright moral conduct. Thus teachers nurture Dhamma Warriors.


  1.  A Dhamma Warrior is a leader who rules to protect the world around him guided by the principles of the Dhamma.
  1. Dhamma is the natural universal law that exists for the benefit of humans, animals, mother nature and more. It was the lost ancient path that was rediscovered by Buddha.

Our School Motto

Enlightenment through Wisdom, Morality and Diligence.