Our Founder's Welcome

Mr Panha Pal 

We human beings are always looking outward to see the external world, but rarely do we look inside to discover ourselves. That is why at Pal International School, we constantly self-reflect and strive to produce wholesome speeches, actions and mental intentions that benefit ourselves and the people around us.

We understand the importance of upholding and encouraging the development of wisdom, upright moral conduct and diligence in our students. Thus, our enlightening education programs are designed to develop a person’s confidence, selflessness, generosity, patience and resilience. We cultivate respect and gratitude in our students, and we nurture them into wholesome leaders with a selfless purpose to light up the world, nurturing our school's purpose of raising Dhamma Warriors to benefit the sentient beings in our world population. Most schools aim to turn students into successful academics so that they can ‘secure their financial future’. However, the chase of that goal does not always result from selfless desires. Without guidance, it can often lead to harmful outcomes.

Let me give you an example: a millionaire who is driven by greed and never content with what they have, who is anxious and feels enmity towards others, who is in a constant state of affliction. Are they really 'secured'? 

Pal International School recognises that academic intelligence by itself is not enough. A human being without wisdom and morality will use that intelligence in a way that will hurt others and themselves, encouraged by the three poisons of greed, hatred and delusion.

This is why our school motto is
"Enlightenment through Wisdom, Morality and Diligence."

  • Defining Wisdom is through Right Understanding and Right Thinking
  • Defining Morality is through Right Speech, Right Action and Right Livelihood
  • Defining Diligence is through Right Effort, Right Mindfulness and Right Diligence

We have integrated our school's spiritual endeavours espoused from the Eightfold Noble Path, As expounded by my teacher, the Buddha. We understand that our school needs to provide a holistic educational experience that teaches students to not only have intelligence, but also the heart, through the nourishment of wisdom and morality. We teach our students how to experience the wonders of contentment, generosity, and selfless joy.

When your child graduates from Pal International School, they enter adulthood as leaders who think, speak and act in ways that benefits themselves, the people and the world around them. I am incredibly proud of our students and school community, and I hope you will join us and share in our excitement. Let us work together to help our children brighten the future.

With loving kindness,

Mr Panha Pal
Founding Principal of Pal International School Australia