Our Training Grounds

Our Uniqueness

In all Training Grounds, the values of Responsibility, Accountability, Discipline and Integrity are taught, applied and reflected upon by the skilfully designed interaction between students and their teacher-figures who are at home (parents) and at school (teachers).

Right Thinking

A school-wide debating competition that develops on-the-spot critical thinking, advocacy skills, teamwork, and wit around topics that stimulate students’ thinking about youth issues and dilemmas in today's society.

Right Speech

A school-wide public-speaking competition that cultivates wisdom and action in developing moral conduct, whilst building confidence, teamwork and mentoring skills.

Right Action

A creative and performing arts competition where all students are required to truly look inwards and face their hindrances in order to embrace and showcase their growth and achievement on stage via music, drama or dance.

Right Livelihood

Students engage in a cooking competition where parents will be required to coach their children on important life skills; whilst instilling an appreciation of family culture, traditions, and responsibilities.